Arsenal FC history started in the 1886. It was found as a munition workers’ club from Woolwich, then in Kent, and later in London. In Woolwich, where rugby and cricket were played most, there was a man named David Danskin who was a great footballer. He was working at Arsenal munitions factory and came up with the idea of forming a football club. He gathered some friends to form a team. Eighteen men put in sixpence, and David put in 3 shillings and was able to buy a football club. They selected the name Dial Square which was one of the munitions factory’s workplaces.


The Formation of Arsenal FC Club

Let’s talk about Arsenal FC History year by year. They traveled that December to their first-ever game to the Isle OF Dogs and defeated Eastern Wanderers 6-0. A man by the name of Fred Bearsley, who was a footballer before, helped Arsenal FC to get a complete set of red shirts. Now that they had a uniform, they gathered at Royal Oak pub and decided to change the club’s name. This pub was just near Woolwich Arsenal station. They decided to combine the name of the pub and their place of work and came up with Royal Arsenal as the club’s name.

Professional Arsenal FC turned 1891, and then after two years, they joined the football league, and Woolwich Arsenal was born. Later in the year, 1904 Arsenal FC was promoted to a higher level, First Division, but due to some financial issues, they were liquidated. They were helped by Sir Henry Norris financially, and this great man moved Arsenal FC club to Arsenal Stadium, Highbury in North London. After the end of the first world war, Sir Henry help this club to be promoted back to the First Division in a controversial circumstance.

Arsenal FC 1998

1998-1999 season was 101st For Arsenal to play in a football competition. This time Arsenal FC 1998 club was managed by a very able man by the name of Arsene Wenger. They entered as the FA double winners and also the premier League winners campaign. Arsenal entered that campaign as premier league runners-up, and they were just defeated by Manchester United, which was one point ahead of them. Also, the same United team eliminated Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final replay, and they score during the extra period. This year’s also Arsenal FC club participated in the Europe’s premier club matches – UEFA Champions League- since 1992, but they could not go beyond the group stage.


Arsenal FC 2000

Arsenal FC 2000 – 2001 season was the 103rd season for also to participate in football. The club became number 10 points behind reigning champions Manchester United. In 2001 they reached the FA final at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff beating Liverpool. In the UEFA, they made it up to the quarter-finals for their first time since 1972, where an away goal rule made them being eliminated. Thierry Henry was the top scorer for Arsenal FC club in the 2000 – 01 season.

Arsenal FC 2002

The club retained its FA Cup, a feat last attained by Tottenham Hotspur in the year 1982. Arsenal FC 2002 season was the 105th season for Arsenal football completion. In the Premier League, Arsenal FC club finished number behind Manchester United. Valencia defeated this year Arsenal in the second group stage in the UEFA Champions League.

Arsenal FC 2008

Arsenal FC 2008 season, Arsenal FC club 17th consecutive season in the Premier League. Arsene Wenger was still the manager for the club. This season, Arsenal participated in four major football competitions: FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Champion League, and Premier League. So, Arsenal was number 4 in the Premier League and was limited in the semi-final in the FA Cup.

Arsenal FC 2011

Arsenal FC 2011 season was 20th Arsenal season in the Premier League and also the same year was 125th anniversary for the club. In Premier League, the club struggles so much from a poor start to the season. Though Arsenal did finish that season in final qualification for next season UEFA Champions League. Arsenal UEFA campaign again was unsuccessful and was knocked out with a 4-0 defeat by Milan. Exiting the FA Cup at 5th round stage following the defeat by Sunderland, and reach League Cup quarter-finals against Manchester City.

Arsenal FC 2013

Arsenal FC 2013 season was the 22nd season for Arsenal to participate in the Premier League competition. They were defeated 1-3 in the first game against Aston Villa, later they came back to their feet and led the League for a long time. Though later, they had some injuries which affected their final position. It attained success in FA Cup after defeating Hull city.

Arsenal FC 2014

Arsenal FC 2014 was the 23rd season for Arsenal in the Premier League and the 95th consecutive season in the top flight of English football. It participated in Community Shield, League Cup, FA Cup, Premier League, and UEFA Champion League. Due to injuries to key players, Arsenal didn’t perform well that season.

Arsenal FC 2015

Arsenal FC 2015 entered this season as the FA Cup champions. Participated in all the League like the year before. They finished 2nd in the Premier League and almost won the FA Cup for the third consecutive season. They also qualify for a knockout stage in the UEFA but lost against Barcelona.

Arsenal FC 2020

This was the 29th season for Arsenal in the Premium League, and the club participated in FA Cup and EFL Cup. Arsenal also qualified for UEFA for the 4th consecutive year. They defeated Liverpool in the FA Community Shield.


Arsenal FC 2021

This limited season number of fans were allowed in the Emirate since 2021. Arsenal missed qualifying for UEFA. Arsenal finished number 8 in the Premier League and also didn’t won the FA Cup.

In conclusion, Arsenal FC history interesting and fascinating. In conclusion, Arsenal is one of the best times in England, and don’t disappoint the fans. If the injuries reduce, manage well, and all other challenges are solved, this football team can perform well-coming seasons.

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