What is Bubble Football?


This text introduces bubble football, also known as balloon football or bubble football. It describes a special kind of traditional football where players wear huge inflatable balls to become part of the game. 

The game offers a fun, less serious version of regular football, promising plenty of excitement, laughter, and enjoyable chaos, whether you are playing or just watching.

What is a Bubble Ball?

Bubble Ball is a team game in which players dressed in huge inflatable ball suits compete against each other, kicking the ball with their feet and pushing each other to try to score goals in the opposition’s goal.

The game takes place on a specially equipped pitch with small goals. Teams usually consist of 5-7 players. The main aim of bubble football is not to win but to have fun and unforgettable experiences.


The game is ideal for people of all ages and physical abilities, as it does not require special skills or experience. Bubble football is a great way to bond with friends or family, relieve stress, and lift spirits.

So, if you’re wondering in short – what is bubble football? It’s a fun and active game that will let you create unforgettable memories.

Bubble Football Rules 

  • There is no set team size; you can play with any number of players.
  • There are no goalkeepers; teams aim to score by attacking and defending.
  • If players get knocked down, they can get back up without interference.
  • Referees use three whistle blows to signal game pauses and one to resume play.
  • Play continues even if the ball goes out of bounds unless it poses a safety risk.
  • Goals are scored when the ball crosses the goal line under the crossbar.
  • The team with the most goals wins; if no goals are scored or scores are tied, it’s a draw.

Bubble Football Bumping Rules

In bubble football, you can’t push or shove but can bump. Here are the basic rules for bumping:

  1. You can only bump someone from the front or side, not from behind unless they turn around.
  2. You can bump any player, whether they have the ball or not.
  3. You can’t follow someone just to bump them down; that’s a yellow card.
  4. No kicking other players.
  5. Corner bumping is off-limits.

You’ll get a yellow card for:

  1. Bumping a player on the ground.
  2. A player on the ground is tripping someone intentionally.
  3. Complaining too much or being aggressive.
  4. Substituting before the previous player leaves.
  5. Getting three yellow cards, which means a red card, means you’re out for that game.

The referee might also ban you from future games if they think it’s necessary.

What Do You Need to Play Bubble Football?

To play Bubble Football, you’ll need:


  • Bubble suits.
  • Football ball. You can also read about the football ball sizes guide.
  • A suitable playing area, such as a grass field or indoor court.
  • A fun group of friends or colleagues to enjoy the game with.

Other Football Bubble Game Names

This hilarious game goes by a few different titles around the world. In some countries, it’s most commonly called “zorbball,” inspired by the thrill ride “zorbing” where you climb inside a giant inflatable ball and roll down a hill. You might also hear it referred to as:

  • Bubble Soccer
  • Bubble bump football
  • Knockerball
  • Human ball
  • Zorbing
  • Hamster ball
  • Zorb football
  • Orb ball

No matter what you call it, one thing’s for sure: you’re in for a blast. Get ready for laughter, friendly competition, and a surprising workout – all rolled into one.

8 Types of Bubble Football Games

Here are eight exciting Bubble Football games, each adding a unique and fun twist to the game.

Bubble Bump VIP

  • Popularity – 8/8
  • Ideal for 4 – 16 players

Split players into two teams. Team 1 has a VIP escorted by bodyguards to the opposite end, while Team 2 aims to bump down the VIP. If Team 1 succeeds, they score; if Team 2 bumps the VIP, they score and choose the next VIP.

Bubble Bump Invasion

  • Popularity – 7/8
  • Ideal for 8 – 20 players

Two teams stand in their respective rectangular “homes.” When the whistle blows, players rush and bump into each other. The first team to get all players to the other side wins.

Bubble Bump Football

  • Popularity – 8/8
  • Ideal for 6 – 20 players

Bubble Bump Football is akin to traditional football but without set positions or goalkeepers. Players start from the middle, bumping into opponents while navigating their Bubble Bump suits to control the ball.

Last Bubble Bump Standing

  • Popularity – 7/8
  • Ideal for 4 – 12 players

The match begins with a whistle from the referee or facilitator. In this game, self-preservation is key; being bumped first means you’re out, relegated to the sidelines. To avoid sitting out, focus on defending yourself. Victory goes to the last Bubble Bump standing.

Bubble Bump Middle Man

  • Popularity – 6/8
  • Ideal for 8 – 24 players

One player volunteers to stand in the middle of the pitch while the rest line up on opposite sides. 

When the whistle blows, players on the sidelines rush to the other side while the middleman tries to bump as many as possible. Bumped players join the middleman, repeating until only one remains on the pitch.

Bubble Bump Old School “500”

In this game, you’ll play with a squishy thrown by the referee. Catch it through the hole above your head for varying points per throw. Avoid getting bumped by others. The first to score 500 points wins.

  • Popularity – 5/8
  • Ideal for 4 – 12 players

Bubble Bump Sumo King

Two players in Bubble Bump suits stand in a ring. When the whistle blows, they bump into each other, trying to knock their opponent out of the ring.

  • Popularity – 6/8
  • Ideal for 2 players

Bubble Bump Ball Bowling

  • Popularity – 7/8
  • Ideal for 6 – 18 players

In this game, one player becomes the bowling ball, while the others form pins in a 5-pin formation. The ball runs full speed to knock down the pins in two tries. Give it your all, or don’t bother.

Is Bubble Football Dangerous?

  • Bubble football is generally safe due to the inflatable bubble suits providing cushioning.
  • However, like any physical activity, there is a risk of minor injuries such as bumps and bruises.
  • It’s important to play responsibly and follow the rules to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • With proper supervision and adherence to safety guidelines, participants of all ages can enjoy bubble football safely.

What is Bubble Football – Conclusion

Bubble Football is a fun and safe game enjoyed by players of all ages. If everyone plays by the rules and acts responsibly, they can have a great time and stay safe.

So bring your friends or colleagues together, put on your bubble suits, and prepare for laughter, friendly competition, and a great time outside.

FAQ About Bubble Bump Football

What is bubble football❓

Bubble football is a fun version of soccer where players wear inflatable bubble suits and bump into each other while trying to score goals.

How do you play bubble football❓

Players wear bubble suits, kick a football, and bump into opponents to score goals. No goalkeepers, just lots of bouncing and laughter.

Is bubble football dangerous❓

It’s generally safe because of the bubble suits, but minor injuries can happen like any sport. Playing responsibly and following the rules keeps it secure.

What are the basic rules of bubble football❓

There is no pushing, only bumping from front or side, no kicking other players, and no corner bumping. Yellow cards for certain fouls and accumulation leads to expulsion.

Variations include Bubble Bump VIP, Bubble Bump Invasion, Last Bubble Bump Standing, Bubble Bump Middle Man, Bubble Bump Old School “500”, Bubble Bump Sumo King, and Bubble Bump Ball Bowling, each with its unique twist on the game.

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